Identifying RV50 Model

  • Hi!

    It's nice to see a forum that is dedicated to Suzuki RVs but unfortunately I dont speak German (:

    Hope you can help me, I just purchased a 1984 RV50 and I'm looking online for parts but there is a lot of sub-models (E-XX).

    How can I identify mine?

    Thank you in advance! :)

  • Hey NurSharlin,

    enclosed please find a picture. There you find the Code/Models relaxed to the year. Hopefully ist helps you. This Information is a Screenshot of There are More helpfully informations about the rv50 an assemblings.

    BR Andreas F23C31DB-7FEE-4FB2-9FF2-CB9D3F03B420.jpeg


    Thanks for your reply.

    By the frame number it's a RV50 D. But if I go shopping for parts on sites like CMS, for some sections (for example: Magneto or Headlamp), there is different part diagrams and different parts for different E models (E19,E22,E39 and so on..)

    How do I find out the E model of my bike?

  • Hi,

    the E- Codes ( E-04, E-19 and so on) are just for different versions of the electrical equipment , according to the specific laws in the countries the RV was sold. As you'll see in the pictures of the headlamp : in Germany for example it's the E-22 version with a 15 W mainlight bulb and no parking light, for other countries it's a 25/25 W bulb with high and low beam.

    I guess the best way to find out which E- version you have, just see the pictures of the rear lamp and compare them to the rear light you have on your RV.

    This E- something code has nothing to do with the year your RV was built.