Greatings from New Zealand

  • Hello to everyone,

    My name is Greg and I Live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    I am working on a RV75 at the moment in readiness for summer.

    I have always loved Suzuki 2 strokes and used to Ride a Suzuki AC50 to School in the 1970's.

    The Suzuki RVs were popular in New Zealand. The Most Common was the RV90 many of which were used on farms.

    (Many were fitted with a tow ball and used to tow small trailers.)

    I enjoy learning from the RV forum and hope to be able to contribute more as my computer skills improve

    Regards Greg

  • Hallo Greg

    welcome and have fun with your bike and enjoy the forum. Wow you work at very rare Suzuki RV 75 ... is it easy to find sich a bike at New Zealand ? In Germany this special RV 75 is very very rare.

    Most of bikes have tow ball ... this mean the Farmer use the Suzuki RV for work...

    Interesting... you have pictures from your bikes...?

    Whatever... have fun and again welcome

    Greetings from at moment sunny Germany

    Drombusch 😉

  • Hello to all, and thank you for the kind welcome.

    Unfortunately I do not Understand German and so I rely on the translater I find it works very well. I am sure I miss some of the finer points sometimes though .

    In Reply

    There are not many of the RVs left in New Zealand. Many were worked hard until they eventually stopped and then scrapped. Others were Run on the sea beaches and rusted out. Rvs that have only been used in the city are hard to find.

    I have attached 3 photos.




    1 The Blue RV75 is the one I am working on. It is close to a test run, then a good clean up and reassembly. (Yes the RV75 are rare here too)

    2 The Red RV90 with the tow bar is to show what the tow bars looks like. I have fitted the tow bar to this city version bike and used it to tow a small inlatable boat. (worked well)

    3 The other Red RV is the Farm Version. It has a short seat (1 person) and heavy duty painted steel carrier, and all steel front foot pegs. The Tow Bar in photo 2 actually belongs off this bike.

    (To clarify. The tow bars were never a genuine Suzuki part).

    I hope you understand my English and the attachments work.

    Best Regards


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