Suzuki Rv 90 Reifen Bridgestone Update! Lesen!

  • Hallo,

    der Reifen passt aber nur an die 125er, ist 12 Zoll.

    Für die 90er bekommst momentan nirgends Reifen. 🙄

    Gruß, Woki

    Suzuki RV 50 Grün, Blau, Rot und "Kanari-Edition"

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    Suzuki RV 90 '75
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  • Hello Guys, My name is Gerard and I 51 years old and I am from Holland. I am a Suzuki RV lover and with my little brother we have a couple of RV50 & RV90 models. Some of you already mentioned my new website and my inflator/ tirepump replica. Feel free to check my new website. I am planning to place an order on RV50 tires from Asia . If there is any demand I can make a special price for you as Forum members. There should be no hurry because shipment by boat takes 6 to 8 weeks. Transport by air makes the tires more expensive. Discount will be at least 10% on My Website prices.

    To make it very clear. This is not my job, but just a hobby. :50:

    My real job pays the bills. ;)

    Please let me know if there is someone who needs Bridgestone tires or tubes and I will be happy to place an order.


    4 orders. I need another 16 for a FEDEX box.

  • Hallo Woki

    Wenn du neue Erkenntnisse hast wann und wo es die Reifen wieder zukaufen gibt dann melde dich bitte ich brauch die Dinger umbedingt

    Gruß Steffen