Kotflügelverlängerung (Anfrage im englischen Forum)

  • Hello,

    i´m thinking about to mount a front fender extender.

    As I see, there are some items:

    1. ABS plastic from pyramid plastics: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/zH0AAOxy2d9SV90G/s-l1600.jpg

    2. Carbon fibre from Bluebird engineering: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/4CwAAOxyFd1SIy9S/s-l500.jpg

    3. fender flicks from Red-fox.com:

    Which one would you prefer?

    1. is mate, not glossy. But, I think, more easy to be drilled for fixing it

    2. Carbon is more stiff. Very light. Perhaps not so easy to be fixed with rivets or screws and bolts.

    3. interesting, because also available in white

    has anyone experience???

    I know there are some threads concerning the extender of Pyramid. If I had glossy black fender I would easily go with no.2.

    Skyteam V-Raptor 250

    It´s never too late not to...

  • Dear my01,

    I have mounted the ABS pyramid for one season now. The crucial aspect for my choice was: no drilling, no holes to the orginal fender, just very powerfull glueing stripes. Fully convincing.

    Hope this helps.

    half throttle, full fun,