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    Hello Matthias,

    You will not find a tire for your RV90 with E Kennung. The tire 6.7-10 4PR/50F tt Rectangle RE is "erstausrustung"der RV90 end therefore you can always use them. Beacause there is no matching alternative with the same specifications available in the market.

    The productiondate is unknown, but it is the original Bridgestone coming from the land of the rising sun.

    For me it is also a gamble. I put all my savings in it ;)

    It will probably be the last chance to find the original tires from Bridgestone for our RV90 bikes.


    Hello Guys,

    I need 20 more orders (and payments for an additional order for the Bridgestone 6.7-10 tires.

    Price per tire is €150 fixed (pick up in Holland or additional shipment via DHL (Track & trace).

    I need to have the orders and payment in before the 10th march.

    First pay is first pick.

    Go to and place your order.

    Use the SUZUKIRVFORUM action code for the discount on your order.

    Discount is only on the RV90 tires (6.7-10)

    When there are no 20 orders, before 10 march, it makes no sense to order because of the costs for transport.

    When there are no 20 orders, I will do a full refund after the 10th of march.:thumbup::50: